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 Monster Drops

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PostSubject: Monster Drops   Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:51 am

Giant Bats - All Scimitars
Black Demons-All Rune armour and d longs
Steel Dragon and Iron Dragons-Dragon platelegs And 2h swords And Dragon visage
Corporal Beast-all spirit shields
Daggonath king- All rings and mud battlestaff
Tormented Demons-Dragon claws
Abysal Demons-Abysal Whip
Dust Devil-All rune armour
Hell Hounds-All rune armour scimitars dragon spear
Chaos Dwarfs-All steel armour and weapons
Gargoyles-Gold bars (Noted) And All Runes (40) Rune Boots Granite Maul Mystic robe tops
BarrelChests-Mud Battlestaffs Uncut Onyx Dragon Bones (Noted 5-20) Donator Only*
Black dragons-Dragon Visage Black D Leather D bones
Blue Dragon-Blue D hide D bones
Green Dragon-Green D hide Dragon bolts 15 (e) D bones
Bloodvelds-All Herbs rune javelins All gems
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Monster Drops
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